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Healer : INFP Personality

Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving type.

INFP indicates a person who is energized by time alone (Introverted), who focuses on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details (iNtuitive), who makes decisions based on feelings and values (Feeling) and who prefers to be spontaneous and flexible rather than planned and organized (Perceiving). INFPs are sometimes referred to as Healer personalities due to their sympathetic idealism and gentle compassion for other people.


INFPs are good listeners and put people at ease. Although they may be reserved in expressing emotion, they have a very deep well of caring and are genuinely interested in understanding people. Generally thoughtful and considerate. They are idealists and perfectionists, who drive themselves hard in their quest for achieving the goals they have identified for themselves. INFPs make up 2% of all 16 personality types. 1 in every 66 males is an INFP (1.5% of all males). 1 in every 40 females is an INFP (2.5% of all females).

Few characteristics of an INFP

Idealistic | Guarded | Private | Imaginative | Easygoing | Meaningful | Adaptable | Selfless | Loyal | Sensitive | Warm | Intuitive

Typical Strengths

  • Desires to meet the needs of others
  • Warm and playful
  • Deep capacity to care and love
  • Loyal and devoted
  • Genuinely interested in understanding people

Possible Weaknesses

  • Has trouble in conflict situations
  • Tends to react emotionally
  • Tendency to blame themselves
  • Extreme dislike of criticism

Some good careers for an INFP

We have mentioned only a few professions as an example on this page for information. More professions can be discovered if you take the the MBTI assessment and explore the personality type preferences, other wise it’s impossible to know which personality type you belong to.

General Contractor

Military Officer


Engineering Technician

Systems Analyst

Police Officer

Financial Manager

Sales Manager

Materials Engineer




Careers that INFPs should avoid


Graphic Designer



Preschool Teacher

Physical Therapist


Veterinary Assistant


Social Worker

Social Scientist



Here is a sample of a few Famous People those who may share the INFP personality type.

Princess Diana

Audrey Hepburn

Helen Keller

William Shakespeare

Career Assessment – Psychometric Test (based on MBTI standards)

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