If I count on number of you and ask you how much time do you spend in front of the mirror? The most probable answer would be many times a day randomly. And if raise a question again that why do need to see yourself in the mirror when you know yourself? Then maybe your silence would be the most possible answer I would get. Though this question sounds insane but it is worth to rethink. That’s why it is necessary to visualize the reflection of you? Why is it so necessary to know how you look or represent the best of you?

The reply to this could be to express and extract the best of you or say may be the best of your physical appearance. And we all are expertise or becoming one to limelight the best of our appearance. Then this intends me to ask you the next very vital question, how many of know the inner side or intellect side of yourself? How much time do you spend each day embracing the reflection of your inner mind?

This question will not have a good proportionate of answer as most of us are dead to even think about our inner mind, our intellect, our strength and our weakness. We normally prioritize on our external degrading beauty and not on our inner beauty which is the most important enhancer to our personality.

Most of the young gen are transforming into the flock of sheep who blindly run behind the other following their foot step, unaware of whether they deserve to walk on this path or not. This is why most of us after their early 30’s end up regretting on their career/ job profile. But as said, time waits for none, that moment other than adjusting and regretting, you are left with no other option.

But hold on! Why do you even need to regret when multiple channels are invented to “Discover who you are?” “Discover the new you?” Your inner mind and strength needs to be reflected on your personality. Most often we might never know what actually we are or our caliber is. But through our reflection we can definitely come to know. But! But! For our physical appearance we have mirrors which speaks, what about our inner mind? Who can be that mirror?

It could be anyone who can speak with you or accept you the way you are, maybe your parents, peer, relatives etc., someone with whom you can speak without any barrier.

But these days because of the peer pressure, family pressure even our parents, friends, cousin do not succeed in providing us with apt information. So whom to turn up to?

If you remember in my previous write up I introduced the term “saviour” that is our career counselor. These are professional, unbiased people who extract and reflect your strength and weaknesses and help you to strive on your strength to succeed in life.

Most us would question how do they do that, then it’s through regular communication, psychometric test, assignment on your Interest they pin point on your strength and the career that can flourish your life.

Similarly, is our project Careerdhyan, we here have renowned counselors who through their protocols and assignments pull out your strength, even tell you what you don’t know about yourself and provide the best reflection of your inner mind.

So come and avail this opportunity to discover the new you through the channel of Careerdhyan – We help you get better insights, so you could see better options.

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